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Blogger gets mad at Colts fans

Outside blogger doesn’t get the anger

Today Colts fans are backtracking and claiming the anger was directed towards head coach, Jim Caldwell.  Colts fans have anger at Coach Caldwell?  Really?  There isn’t a team in the league that wouldn’t be thanking their lucky stars for a skipper who has led his team to a 14-1 domination and has the foresight to protect his star for when it really matters – playoffs.  Coach Caldwell should be praised for putting Curtis into the game.  All it takes is a split second for Ryan Diem to miss a block and Peyton to roll his ankle, sidelining him for the postseason.  All for what? Preservation of a perfect season that all goes out the window when playoffs begin?  Newsflash, Colts fans: the perfect season has been done before.  It isn’t so historical anymore.  And why don’t you ask a Patriots fan how that turned out for them?  A gambling man would bet the bank that the phrase “18 wins, one Giant loss” still stings.