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Bob Sanders signs 5 year deal

ESPN is reporting that Bob “The Zombie” Sanders has signed a five-year, 37.5 million dollar deal to stay with the Indianapolis Colts. Great news for just about everybody with the possible exception of Dallas Clark. This deal makes Sanders the highest paid safety in the NFL. The early word is Sanders plans on celebrating the contract by popping open Larry Maroney’s skull and eating his brain.

You thought that was good news? Try this. That’s right. #88 is set to play on Sunday. He practiced for two consecutive days for the first time in recent memory. January is only 3 days away!

Here’s another nice link: FO’s all rookie team. They point out some facts about Tony Ugoh that we’ve been screaming about all season. I love when that happens.

DZ Comments: It’s a red letter day! This is all great, if not totally unexpected news. I think, and I’m not sure on this, that because they signed Bob before the end of the season, that they can prorate his contract over this year too, and use the cap space created when Simon was cut to help offset the bonus. I’m going to check on that, but I think that’s how it works.