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Brackett Signed

It’s a five year deal.  No other details yet.

Brackett’s signing is good news for 2010.  This solidifies his legacy as one of the great Colts ever, and ensures the Colts won’t be employing any radical defensive changes next year.  Had they let Brackett walk, it might have signaled a philosophy shift, but Brackett’s abilities are perfectly tailored for the Tampa-2.

It’s wonderful news and we can all let out a big sigh of relief.

Any of the other Colts who have been tendered (Bethea, CJ, Bullitt, Muir, and Mookie), are important, but a bunch of second round draft picks wouldn’t be half bad either!  Brackett was the one guy who couldn’t be replaced and wouldn’t bring compensation.

So rest easy Colts fans!  Free agency just ended for your team…unless someone signs Matt Stover Wink!

UPDATE:  Same link as before, it looks like it’s a 5 year, $33 million deal with $12 million as a signing bonus.  That’s in the ball park of where I would have guessed.