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Peter King is reporting that Marvin Harrison is finished.

I’m not sure how to react to this if it is true.  A part of me is happy that I’ll never have to watch 88 in another jersey (or even worse, with another number!).  Mostly, I’m sorry for him. 

I was there the day Addai was knocked into Marvin’s knee. If I had realized then it was the beginning of the end, I certainly wouldn’t have celebrated the dismantling of the Broncos.  What’s amazing is that not only did the event barely register in our post game thoughts, but there was nothing about it all for the next two weeks. Indy had a bye week, and then Marvin did play against the Jags the very next game just one game later.  We just never envisioned it would lead to this.

I hope he gets a proper send off this season if he really does retire.  The first half of an 18 to 88 statue in front of the Luke needs to be build.  We’ve always envisioned a statue of Harrison making his one handed grab one end of the front entrance with a matching one of Manning about 40 yards away.  Anyone up for designing that?

Mike Floria is a not a good dude, but this post takes it to a new level.  Read at your own risk.  I think I’m finally done with him.  This was the pinnacle of low class.