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Brought to you by the letter W

Colts 22 – Titans 20

A lot went right for the Colts in Nashville today. Bob Sanders had 2.5 sacks. After the game, Vince Young had to check and make sure all his vital organs were still intact. A whole lot of things went haywire too. Dallas Clark dropped 3 balls. Adam Vinatieri and the kick unit made things uncomfortable.

Some interesting decisions on offense in the final quarter. The Colts were not as committed to the run as you might like. Manning was on target so can’t really blame him, but you have to be able to run the ball in the fourth quarter to win in the NFL. On the other hand, a lot of this was dictated by how the Titans were defending the Colts. Manning appeared to check out of runs more than once.

This game was very similar to the Super Bowl win. Missed extra point. Missed field goal. Finding ways to win when you should have had a much larger lead. They’ll take it. W’s are the name of the game.

Deshawn Zombie adds: Check out John Clayton’s article on this game. It’s solid, but he mentioned the Manning pick several times without noting the missed illegal contact penalty that made it happen. There is also an outstanding article on Colts.com(!) in which Tony Dungy explains the thought process behind the three passes under two minutes.