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Buzzer Beater

Eyes in the Backfield is up! I’m a little surprised we got it done, as family obligations and computer problems for Demond kept us from having a ton of time to work on it, but it’s up. Here’s a preview for interested parties:

The only thing I love more than blowouts its playing games that barely count because we’ve clinched. Technically, this week’s game means a little bit, but a win would put the regular season to bed. This week be ready to:

1. Watch the pregame introductions. Or else you’ll have no hope of knowing who is playing for the Colts on defense. Without any of the normal guys starting on the D line, the Colts are playing up to four rookies at once. Yikes.

Also, for those who don’t read the comments sections, here are a couple of good links by the readers today:

Dom Rhodes and Warren Sapp talk about #18. Does it sound to anyone else like Sapp wants to play in Indianapolis?

Here’s one that made my day: Edge got a ring from the Colts. How awesome is that? We all love Edge around here, and valued his time with the club. I think it was incredibly classy to include him in all of this.

I was also relieved to see that Andy Pettitte manned up and explained his HGH use. Pettitte’s name was one of the ones that most upset me, because his life was supposed to be about higher things. I don’t think his excuse was good enough to excuse breaking the law, but like Rodney Harrison, he ‘fessed up. We joke about Harrison because it’s fun to bug Pats fans, but think he did right by being honest. Same with Pettitte. All the abusers should come clean and tell their stories and give the fans a chance to forgive them. Stonewalling behind lawyers and lies won’t help. Just ask Pete Rose. It only makes people bitter when the truth comes out.

Our status for the game blog is up in the air. We will both be at a goodbye party for some close friends moving to Costa Rica, so I don’t know it’ll happen or not. I’m out for sure, but Demond is a game blog warrior, so stay tuned. . .