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By Way of Cross Promotion

I don’t do things like this too often, but I want to call all of your attention to a new blog by my wife.

Mommy blogs don’t get much play on football sites, but this one has a different bent.  My wife Deb has started a compendium of short stories to tell kids called Tell Me a Story, Mommy.  Her hope is that it will develop into a sort of writing community designed for people with kids to come up with and share stories.

If you have kids and are always wracking your brain for bed time tales, this is a great place to find inspiration or share the ones you already have. Deb shares all kinds of stories from rewritten classics, serial adventures, and even a few true stories.  There are stories for little girls and stories for little boys.

If you don’t have kids and are curious about what kind of warped mind would marry me, may I suggest this story to start.  If nothing else, just read the sidebar descriptions of herself and her writing.

The stories are usually humorous, often inspiring and occasionally just plain beautiful.

My wife is a crazy talented woman, but you don’t have to take my word for it.  Drop on by and find out for yourself.