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Captain Crunched

Is anyone else a little disturbed by the fact that Vince Young was voted in as the Titans’ offensive captain? Seriously? Sure they didn’t have many options, but they certainly could have gone with a solid veteran, like Center Kevin Mawae. Last week Young cost his team with his immature taunting penalty.

This week against the Saints he left the field with a minute to play in the first half. The Titans had the ball with a chance to tack on a field goal. Where’s Vince? Oh, his wrist hurts. Oh, he’s getting an IV. Give me a break. If Vince Young is the bold field general pundits say he is then he should be on the field in that situation. Instead he’s in the locker room getting pampered by the trainers.

This just in: Jags fans can take a deep sigh of relief tonight as Drew Brees and company fall to 0-3. Ladies and gentlemen, your Los Angeles Saints.