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Charting A Drive: Defense Lets Up.

Kasey Klipsch checks in with his weekly piece.

After the Titans game I think all of us let out a sigh of relief.  Peyton had a good game and we got a win.  After a few days though, I began to worry.  Our defense let the Titans score 4 TD in 1 half.  The Titans are not a good offense.  I decided to chart one of those scores, not to throw cold water on our happiness, but to try to figure out how one of the worst offenses in football got the better of us.  This is the first drive of the second half.  The Colts are up 21-7 and a stop here puts them in good position to turn this into a romp.  Of course the Titans get a great kickoff return, but what happens next proves this game is going to the last minute.

1-10-TEN 38

Play: Pass short left to N. Washington for 13 yards, runs out of bounds.

Ten Formation: 2 WR/2 TE (lined up a half yard back from LOS on each side)

Ind Formation: Cover 2

– Freeney doubled by LT/LTE out of the play.

– Moala doubled by LG/C and has no penetration.

– Muir gets good push on the RG.

– Mathis gets doubled by the RT/RTE and gets a little pressure (RTE releases into a route eventually).

– Wheeler bites on the play action badly, then drops into zone coverage too late.

– Brackett drops into middle zone coverage.

– Connor drops into right zone coverage.

– Tryon starts the play with a 9 yard cushion for Washington and then backpedals out of the screen.  By the time the pass comes to Washington he is 6 yards away.  With Wheeler out of position as well, it is an easy catch.

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