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Charting A Drive: The Jaguars Take the Lead

Kasey Klipsch is back with his weekly look at a drive from Sunday’s game.

A lot of attention has been payed to Jacksonville’s last drive this past weekend.  While there were lots of interesting points of contention with that drive, at the end of the day it came down to an improbable 59-yard kick.  I believe there was another more important drive that determined the outcome of this game.  Starting the 4th quarter it had become obvious that Peyton and the Colts’ offense had figured out the Jags defense.  After halftime the Colts were moving the ball with impunity, the only things preventing them from turning this game into a route were 2 very fluky (yet costly) red zone turnovers.  Even with those turnovers the Colts had just driven 96 yards for the game-tying touchdown.  A stop here and the Colts would be in great position to take the lead and dictate the final minutes of the game.  Instead, the Colts’ defense and special teams had one of the most disappointing series that I can remember.

The Jags got this drive started off in fine form with a 39-yard return.  It starts with 7:35 left in the 4th quarter and takes up over 5 minutes of clock.  They ran 9 plays (6 run, 3 pass).  The Colts gave up 15 yards in penalties while the Jags gave up 5.

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