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Charting A Drive: The Jaguars Take the Lead

Kasey Klipsch is back with his weekly look at a drive from Sunday’s game.

A lot of attention has been payed to Jacksonville’s last drive this past weekend.  While there were lots of interesting points of contention with that drive, at the end of the day it came down to an improbable 59-yard kick.  I believe there was another more important drive that determined the outcome of this game.  Starting the 4th quarter it had become obvious that Peyton and the Colts’ offense had figured out the Jags defense.  After halftime the Colts were moving the ball with impunity, the only things preventing them from turning this game into a route were 2 very fluky (yet costly) red zone turnovers.  Even with those turnovers the Colts had just driven 96 yards for the game-tying touchdown.  A stop here and the Colts would be in great position to take the lead and dictate the final minutes of the game.  Instead, the Colts’ defense and special teams had one of the most disappointing series that I can remember.

The Jags got this drive started off in fine form with a 39-yard return.  It starts with 7:35 left in the 4th quarter and takes up over 5 minutes of clock.  They ran 9 plays (6 run, 3 pass).  The Colts gave up 15 yards in penalties while the Jags gave up 5.

1-10-Jax 43
Play: MJD outside RT for 3 yards. O-Line is man blocking. Brackett tackles.
Jax Formation: 2 WR/ 1FB/ 1TE on right (I-formation)
Colts Formation: 4-3 standard – LB playing a little close to the LOS.
– TE blocks Mathis out of the play.
– RT (with RG chip) blocks Moala a yard off the LOS.
– RG (after chipping) blocks Session way out of the play.
– C (with RG chip) blocks Muir 2 yards off the LOS.
– LG pulls and blocks Brackett (Brackett sheds)
– LT blocks Freeney.
– FB blocks Wheeler 2 yards off of the play.
– Bethea, in good run support, knocks MJD into Brackett for the stop.

2-7-Jax 46
Play: Garrard fake pitch right option keeper off the left end for 3 yards.  Brackett tackles.
Jax Formation: 2 WR/ 1FB/ 1TE on right (offset I to the weak side)
Colts Formation: 4-3 standard – LB cheating up to the LOS.
– Morgan reads from the S position correctly and whiffs on a tackle that would have been for a loss.
– Mathis doubled by RT/RG and run away from (TE doesn’t block anyone).
– Moala slices through RG/C gap (either great play or by offensive design). Garrard is running away and FB gets a chip.
– LG blocks Muir 1 yard off the LOS then cuts him (legally).
– LT lets Freeney inside by design.  FB chips and Garrard runs away from Freeney.  LT blows Session way out of the play.
– Brackett reads the play correctly and makes the tackle.
– Powers correctly covers the option pitch to MJD. (his WR should have blocked him but didn’t or should have run a pattern, instead he stood around).

3-4-Jax 49
Play: Pass short right to Underwood for 13 yards.  Morgan tackles. Garrard holds the ball for 2 seconds. Unnecessary Roughness called on Lacey.
Jax Formation: 3 WR (1 close left, 1 slot right, 1 wide right) / 1 TE (offset right) / Shotgun
Colts Formation: Dime (2 DB and Brackett showing blitz, 2 DBs blitz Brackett drops into coverage)
– TE blocks Mathis.
– RT blocks Foster.
– Moala bull rushes C into Garrard (RG does nothing in a zone block).
– Freeney blocked out of the play by the LT.
– First blitzing DB blocked by LG.
– Bethea hits Garrard as he throws.
– Pass is thrown past the first down marker but WR gets 3-5 extra yards because Hayden whiffs a tackle.
– The penalty is complete nonsense.  Lacey does not lead with his helmet, does not hit the WR with his helmet and was in the air before the player is down.

1-10-Ind 23
Play: MJD up the middle (between C/RG) for 8 yards. Hayden tackles.
Jax Formation: 2 WR/ 1TE/ FB (I-formation) – Right side WR motions behind RT.
Colts Formation: 4-3 Colts cheating up to the LOS (Hayden motions into the box with WR)
– Jags zone block to the right.
– TE does not block anyone.
– RT holds LOS against Foster.
– RG (with help from C) moves Muir off the LOS 2 yards (not straight back to the right).
– C moves up to block Brackett out of the play.
– LG (with LT help) blows Mookie up.
– Freeney can’t get to the play because Mookie and the LG/LT are in his way.
– FB blocks Session (who was real close to making a play)
– Wheeler is way out of position.

2-2-Ind 15

Play: MJD outside RT for 1 yard. Brackett tackles.
Jax Formation: 1 WR/ 2 TE/ 1 FB (I-Formation)
Colts Formation: 4-3 (LB close to LOS, SS in the box)
– RTE and FB block Mathis inside.
– RT blocks Session.
– RG mauls Muir 2 yards off LOS.
– Mookie holds position against C.
– LT stones Freeney.
– LG pulls to Wheeler who is in great position, and forces MJD inside.
– MJD is forced to go over blocking FB and Brackett prevents jump.

3-1-Ind 14
Play: Garrard QB keeper off left tackle for 3 yards. Brackett tackles.
Jax Formation: 2 WR/ 1 TE/ 1 Extra LT
Colts Formation: 4-3 (Wheeler on LOS, Session run-blitzing)
– Mathis run away from and blocked by RTE.
– Wheeler destroyed by RT (not in the play though).
– C/RG double Muir off LOS 1 yard.
– LG/LT1 block Mookie off LOS 1.5 yards.
– LT2 blocks Freeney 2 yards off LOS.
– Session jumps over C to prevent QB dive, but that is not what they are running.
– Brackett and Morgan make the play but much too late (why wasn’t Morgan in the box?)

1-10-Ind 11
Play: MJD through RG/RT hole for 2 yards. Wheeler tackles.
Jax Formation: 2 WR/ 1 TE right /1 FB
Colts Formation: 4-3 (LB cheating and SS in the box)
– TE blocks Mathis inside.
– RT (with RG help) blocks Moala 1 yard off LOS.
– King is blocked by C .5 yards in back field.
– Freeney blocked (and run away from) by LT.
– Pulling LG blocks Brackett.
– FB blows up Wheeler.
– Session is blocked by the RG, but not important.
– Bethea reads run and forces MJD into Wheeler.

2-8-Ind 9
Play: Garrard pass short right to FB for 6 yards. Brackett tackles.
Jax Formation: 1 WR/ 1 TE/ 1 FB / 1 extra RT
Colts Formation: 4-3 (Wheeler lined up between Mathis/Moala on LOS, LB slide right to make up, Morgan in Session’s position on left)
– TE lets Mathis through, FB chips and releases, MJD stones him.
– RT1 blocks Wheeler out of the play and chips Moala.
– RT2/RG are pushed back a yard by Moala but kept away from Garrard.
– King is blown up by the C.
– LG can’t decide between a blitzing Session or doubling Freeney, doesn’t block either.
– LT can’t block Freeney.  Freeney and Session are step too late.
– RTE blocks Brackett then goes into route. Hayden gets caught up in their battle and follows TE.
– between Wheeler/Brackett being blocked and Hayden following TE into route no one to guard the flat.  Brackett makes tackle once he gets there.

3-2-Ind 3

False start Jacksonville.

3-7-Ind 8

Play: pass short right to MJD for 8 yards and a TD. Garrard throws in less than 3 seconds.
Jax Formation: 4 WR (1 close left, 1 slot left, 1 slot right, 1 close right) / Shotgun.
Colts Formation: Nickel (Bracket and Session showing blitz) both drop into coverage, inside left CB blitzes.
– RT blocks Mathis.
– RG blocks Foster.
– Dawson is blocked well out of the play by the C.
– Freeney stunts himself out of the play (LG follows him out of the play).
– LT blocks blitzing CB.
– 1st right side WR pulls right side CB with him.
– 2nd right side WR is covered by Session pulling him out of the play.
– MJD follows where that WR clears and is open.
– Brackett/Bethea covering zones with no one in them.

As much of a cop-out as this is, this drive came down to 1 bad tackle and 1 horrible call by the ref.  If Morgan makes the tackle to stop the option play for a loss this drive has a whole new complexion.  I suppose that is what you get when your 3rd string safety is in the game.  Wheeler and Mookie once again have bad drives (is this becoming a pattern?) and once again it seems like bad play calling cost the Colts.  One thing that was new to this drive was how utterly unimportant Freeney was.  I’m used to seeing Mathis blocked out of the play, but Freeney was a complete non-entity as well.  Again most of the runs went to Mathis’ side, but Freeney got burnt as well.  Sadly, no one stood out on this drive other than Brackett who was making tackles that he should make.

Normally, I don’t worry when teams decide to go with a jumbo package against us.  It has been tried so many times and doesn’t work.  It just takes too much time when Manning can score so fast (see Miami last year).  But this drive had such good field position, and this Colts team does not seem to be getting the breaks (nor creating them) so long drives built on Jumbo run packages seem to be working.  More concerning to me was the utter break down of the secondary.  The Jags ran exactly 3 passes and they were all successful.  That cannot continue if the Colts want to have a successful season.

My DVR screwed up this week and I wasn’t watching the original broadcast.  Instead I was watching DirectTV’s “Shortcuts” feature.  Normally I am a huge fan of this feature but when charting a drive it makes it somewhat difficult.  I may have missed some things due to this.

About The Author:
Kasey Klipsch (kasey_junk@myrealbox.com) has no football experience above the grade school level.  He grew up in Indianapolis rooting for the Colts and is a season ticket holder.  He comments around the Colts blogosphere as kasey_junk.  He also writes a weekly picks column for The Fantasy Ninjas (www.thefantasyninjas.com) under the nickname “The Real KC”.