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Today is something of a landmark day here at 18to88.com.  In honor of having finished the first draft of my book on Colts’ history, we are officially dropping the pen names we’ve been using for the past three years.

Originally, we were just screwing around when we started this blog, and never figured anyone would read it.  We took the names to honor Bob Sanders to whom we will forever be in debt for winning us a Super Bowl simply by turning our opponents to stone with his Medusa-like dreads. Honestly, we never thought much about the screen names until after the 88 Reasons to Hate the Patriots, when we enjoyed the anonymity they provided.  Personally, I enjoyed having an identity that was separate from my normal life, but over time the names “Demond Sanders” and “Deshawn Zombie” have outlived their usefulness. For almost a year now, our names have been posted on the website although discretely.  Many of you access the site through my Facebook page as well.

Now with the impending release of the book (details coming soon.  I would expect it around the start of training camp or the regular season), there is less need than ever to maintain the screen names. I’m afraid they’ll just confuse people as we move forward from here.  Now that we finally have a financial incentive to do so, we are moving into the realm of respectability.  My sincerest hope is that this doesn’t become a ‘jump the shark’ moment, though we are considering adding our Cousin Oliver as a regular writer.  My guess is that many of you have already seen through this post as a thinly veiled attempt to have something to write about during a slow week.  Busted!

Seriously though, there will be no other major changes coming.  Nate Dunlevy can’t spell any better than DZ can.  He’s also just as big a know it all football snob.  He just has infinitely less cool initials. I expect Luke Dunlevy to be just as surly and absent as Demond Sanders, though he is a much better on line vendor of  tree equipment.

So while I’ll still probably sign most of my 18to88 emails and comments “DZ”, from here on out it’ll be real names only on 18to88.  Here’s a photo that nicely sums up my life.  So many things that matter to me are encompassed in it, including one of my best friends here in Argentina.  As you can see, it’s pretty much the same stuff you already knew.

Hi, I’m Nate.

Nice to meet you.