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Check back in 10 days…

To see if the Cincinnati Reds are for real.  They have a seven game road trip to Milwaukee and Saint Louis before coming home to face the Cubs.  People often complain about the unbalanced schedule, but I like it.  I think playing nearly 20 games against each team in the division makes the division title mean something.  For the Reds, even a 5-5 split in these 10 games is a signal that they will be in the hunt all year.

The book passed 71,000 words today (hence the short post).  I hope to finish the first draft this week (nearly two months ahead of schedule).  I have just a shade over three chapters left to write.

Best of luck to a fellow Red Devil

A Lost spin off?  Count me in!

Donald Brown comes in about 2 minutes in

The Luke is the sports facility of the year!  Tip to SB

Hal McCoy says Dusty deserves credit.  I agree.  I’ve said from the start that Dusty is great at some things that are very important to managing a club.  He’s a butcher with the in game strategy, but over the course of 162 games, that doesn’t matter as much.  It’ll kill you in the playoffs, but for Reds fans complaining about a manager making bad calls in the playoffs would be Tom Brady bitching that his super model wife is stupid.  Sometimes the thing that kills you is the same thing that got you where you are in the first place.  You learn to live with it.

Addai is primed for a rebound?  The same dude things Fred Taylor is too.  Crap.

The Zombie makes the all Mean Team

Oehser has some more great Manning quotes.  I cannot wait for the season to start.