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CHFF goes Goth

Here’s a great read that merits front page status.  Cold Hard Football Facts talks about records under assault this year.  There are a lot of Colts related items to cover.

  • The first relates to our old friend Edge James who is still looking for work.  With even minimal production, he’ll vault to 7th on the all time rushing list.  Everyone is still hoping he gets a job.
  • Then they note that Manning is #2 on the all time passer rating list (still a two great seasons behind Steve Young).

What’s interesting is the Post Season Passer rating list.  They give the top 10.  It ends with Favre at 85.2.  Peyton isn’t on it.  His passer rating in the post season?  85.0.  In other words, Manning is not only one good game from busting into the top 10, but standing at #6 all time is Troy Aikman at 88.3 and Brady at #7 with an 88.0.

Wait.  What?  Tom Brady’s career playoff rating is 88.0 and Manning’s is 85.0?

That’s right, for all the bluster about Manning being a post season choker, his career passer rating is only 3 measly points below Tom Brady’s.  Manning needs only a good game or two to not only pass Brady, but rank among the best postseason passers ever.


  • In other news:  Keading could pass Vandy for the most accurate kicker of all time spot.  I’m no Chargers fan, but I hope that happens.
  • Manning needs one 400 yard game to go to second all time
  • Finally, Manning should make the top 3 in almost every major career passing statistic by the end of the year.