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CHFF sizes up SB odds

Or I should say, “completely makes up”


The Colts easily handled the Broncos Sunday, 28-16. If it were up to us, Jim Caldwell would be the unanimous Coach of the Year winner. Sure, he’s got a brilliant quarterback. But, judging by the eye test, this is the most well-coached, fundamentally sound and gutty team in football, a finely oiled victory machine. A record 22 regular-season wins speaks for itself. The fact that 13 of them have been led by a rookie coach is even more amazing.

Why they’ll win the Super Bowl: The Colts boast the NFL’s best combination of offensive fireworks (27.6 PPG, fifth) and stifling defense (16.7 PPG, second). No team has more gut-check wins than the Colts this year. They also lead the NFL with a 6-0 mark against Quality Opponents.

Why they won’t: The Indy offense goes into hibernation in the playoffs every year – 13.6 PPG in the eight Manning Era playoff losses. The Colts killers from San Diego remain in the hunt – and don’t forget Indy was six inches away from a home loss against New England … who they may have to beat again.
Our completely random odds of winning it all: 20 percent