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Chiefs Pre-game

I haven’t felt like blogging about the Colts much this week, but it is time to get back to winning. Today’s opponent at the RCA Dome is the Kansas City Chiefs. KC has a slightly better than average defense and a very poor offense. It is kind of amazing that they are 4-5. They’ve been outscored by 38 points on the season. They’ll be starting Priest Holmes at running back today. Remember 4 years ago when those words would have scared you to death? Brodie Croyle from Alabama will be the starting quarterback.

For the fifth straight week injuries are the story-line for the Colts. It will be very interesting to see how Simeon Rice and Josh Thomas play. Freeney hasn’t been a numbers guy for several seasons, but he helped prevent the big play by forcing shorter throws. I wouldn’t be shocked if there was a significant drop-off in the pass defense, but I’m not expecting one. I’m not sure what to expect on the offensive side of the ball. Dallas Clark is back, but the Colts will have a very makeshift line with Ugoh and Johnson out. Joseph Addai had a tough game last week partiallly because the field was extremely slick. He’ll be back to his Pro Bowl form this week.

Did you know that the Colts have lost six of the eleven starters off their Super Bowl defense? Today the Colts D sends a message to the league. We’re not going away. Look for the Colts to post what I believe would be their first shutout of the decade. The offense will be good enough for a 30-0 win.