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Clark is out “indefinitely”

Dallas Clark fell awkwardly on his wrist on the next to last drive on Sunday night, and is out ‘indefinitely’ with a sprained wrist.  It’s being reported that he’s seeking opinions about surgical options.

As of now, he is not “out for the season”, though he could still be.

What the Colts will do in the meantime remains to be seen.  One option is to use Eldrige and Tamme.  Personally, I’d like to see four wides with Gonzo when he comes back. The end result could be a fascinating wrinkle that could keep defenses in the nickle and dime a lot more often.  Then it would be up to the five guys up front to block well for the run game, and as I’ll illustrate in a coming post, they are run blocking very well right now.

Dallas Clark is an important player, obviously. If he’s hurt, it will be a blow, but not one the team can’t overcome.

The Colts ‘boring’ offense might just get a make over and could become a lot more interesting.