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Classic Colts Updated

Classic Colts are those players that fans remember and love, but will never make it to the Ring of Honor.  The official “Classic Colts” list differs from the designation I used in Blue Blood.  The reason is that in Blue Blood, I wanted to be sure to tell the entire history of the team. That means that some guys in the Ring of Honor needed a spot light.  I didn’t have several pages of things to say about Bill Brooks, so giving him a spot under the heading ‘Classic Colts‘ allowed me to highlight his career without making an awkwardly short entry about him.  I also wanted to highlight current players like Brackett and Addai who will likely make the list someday, but are still playing.

These are the 2010 inductees:

Dominic Rhodes

Hunter Smith

Tom Moore

Howard Mudd

The following players are in waiting until retirement

Bob Sanders-I was going to immediately induct the Zombie, but until I know where he signs and am assured he doesn’t cause havoc on the Colts for a few years, I am going to hold off.

Tyjuan Hagler-His return of the onsides against Jacksonville might just be a spot clincher.

Raheem Brock-No question about it.  Just want to let him retire first.  He’s a perfect ‘Classic Colt’

 There are a few other players in question that I want to clarify.  I consider Mathis, Addai and Brackett to also be on the path, but all are active and Mathis and Brackett might get inducted into the Ring of Honor eventually.  Tarik Glenn also fits in that category.  Irsay said he expected him to be in the Ring of Honor, so I don’t want to double book him.  Guys like Freeney and Wayne will be in the Ring of Honor.