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Clearing the Cap

Hunter the Punter is hunting for a job.  As the Colts desperately seek to trim as much cap space as possible, they have let go the 9 year vet, although haven’t ruled out bringing him back later.  This is just another move in the never ending war against the cap.  This time of year one of the best resources for Colts fans is the excellent little site Coltscap.net.  If you’ve never checked out the page, here’s an interview with the man responsible,  B.A.V.  He’s a trooper, and plowed through my 18 Questions.  He also gets special props for using my favorite punctuation mark, the semi-colon; it’s never used often enough.  I refer to coltscap.net at least once a week, and more often than that during this time of year.  Enjoy the interview.

Kuharsky lists his Colts Rushmore.  Who is this sexy rouge “Deshawn” whose opinion is in the list?  Me likey.  Kuharsky goes with Dungy, Manning, Harrison and Polian.  It’s not like I’m arguing.  Really hilarious is the Texans’ Rushmore that has 3 faces on it.

Doug chimes in with a new entry for 18 Best Games

The fine folks at Stampede Blue link to all the pressers today

You can find 18to88 updates on Twitter.  Just hunt for 18to88

So it’s done with Hayden.  This link says this means it’s all but over for 88.  My question is if the Colts can afford NOT to rework Marv’s deal.