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Collie is out too

The hits just keep on coming.

I wondered what circumstances would conspire to allow Peyton Manning to get his fifth MVP award.  After all, voters are tired of him.

Well, if he puts this team in the playoffs (and yes, he will), then they should just name the award after him.


From now on, I’m just going to do that.  It’s the Peyton Manning Most Valuable Player Award.  It’s like the Cy Young.  It’s the Manning.

Don’t panic.

I’ve spent all day running numbers for an article for Cold Hard Football Facts on the records of quarterbacks in close games.  Basically, close games are a crap shoot.  Lots of Pro Bowl QBs have .500 records in close games.  If you have a Hall of Famer like Favre or Warner, you are still looking at .500.  Tom Brady has been special, 20-11 in games decided by 8 points or less since 2005.  No one else is even close to that good.

Oh, except one guy.  He’s not close to that good either.

He’s way better.

He’s 35-10.

I’ll let you guess what his name is.

Peyton will save us all.