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Colts among most injured

A Dallas blog looks at various metrics for dealing with injuries, and no matter which one you use, Indy is near the top.

We harp on injuries all the time, but it’s not just whining.  It’s a real thing.

Using FO’s Adjusted Games Lost, over the past three years, Indy ranks 2nd in average games lost. Indy is 39-9 (.813) in that span.

The rest of the top 8?

Saint Louis, Cincy, Buffalo, Detroit, Cleveland, Seattle, Washington.

Not a lot of winning seasons in there.  Those teams are a combined 115-221 (.342) with just four winning seasons and three playoff apperances out of 21 possible seasons.

Using Rick Gosslin’s numbers, the Colts are 7th over the past five seasons.  The other teams in the top 8?  Houston, Buffalo, Jacksonville, Cincinnati, Detriot, San Fransisco and Saint Louis.  Indy has made the playoffs 5 times in that span. The other 7 teams have four combined playoff apperances.

And that’s why Peyton Manning keeps winning MVP awards.