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Colts Authority Injury Report: Can We Get Some Good News?

The bleak outlook continues, I don’t even know what to say at this point. Every week it seems like all of the Colts biggest names are finding themselves on the injured reserve list.

Vontae Davis was released this week after finding out his groin injury is going to require surgery. Davis was one of the few bright spots on defense over the past few years. At times, being one of the best defensive backs in the NFL. It looks like the injuries he’s battled over the past two season have lowered his value to the franchise.

Defensive tackle headed to IR this week with a near unheard of injury. A fractured larynx. AKA he broke his voice box. Somehow after a hit on Sunday against the Texans he continued to play but after the game he could barely speak. A freak injury like this will end Anderson’s season. He was finally returning to the player he showed in his rookie season. After his ACL injury he wasn’t quite the same player last year and even this year he was taking some time and only recently started showing the flashes of his rookie year. Here is a good article breaking down how rare this injury is.


TY Hilton is listed as questionable. The need for Hilton to be available this week can not overstated. The Colts need every ounce of help they can get to put up any sort of fight.




WR Kamar Aiken (hamstring)

LB John Simon (neck)




WR TY Hilton (groin)

CB Quincy Wilson (knee)