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Colts Fans are Everywhere

Garrison sends us this report about how much Blue Blood there is out there:

Took a trip to Cedar Point amusement park in Sandusky, Ohio (bout 50 miles from Cleveland) last week and much to my surprise there was Colts gear all over the place. I saw more people with Colts stuff on than any other pro team- not just football, any of the big 4 sports. The only teams that had enough for me to even consider them on par with the Colts were Ohio State and Michigan. The Colts had by far and away the most NFL apparel out in force. It was awesome to see. Naturally we all traded the knowing glance when we caught each others eye- and when you didn’t do that, a simple “GO COLTS!” from afar would suffice.

Ironically I had a funny moment happen at Cedar Point last summer as well- had spotted a dude in a Brady jersey who was walking ahead of my group of six or so. He eventually stopped to get food or something and as we passed we all shouted ‘go colts’ in unison.. it was beautiful 😀

Thanks man. It’s great to hear that Colts’ nation is taking over.  If you are a new fan of the Colts and want to catch up on the past 20+ years of history in Indianapolis, make sure to check out Blue Blood.