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Colts Friday Training Camp Updates

Below I have listed all of my tweets from training camp for both Friday practices.  This will give you an idea, in chronological order, how the practices went (in my eyes).  I hope you will enjoy seeing the raw material that will lead to the story I will write about what I saw on my day at training camp.

Early arrival for camp yields front row seats.

James Williams, Andrew Tyshovnytsky, Chris Marinelli, and Jeff Linkenbach out to stretch first.

No pads this morning. Shorts and helmets.

Looks like Gonzo is still sitting out.

StampedeBlue @Coltszilla They should give you a good look at Fili Moala’s chest. 🙂

@StampedeBlue I can’t stop staring at it!

All players are stretching now.

Offense and defense breaking out into drills.

Offense working on downfield blocking drills.

Receivers working on complex routes. All walkthroughs at this point.

Now offense v. defense walk-throughs.

2 min. drill work.

By the way, it is really hot.

Ryan Diem is back at RT.

David Caldwell sitting out. Gonzo with no sleeve on his leg.

More wildcat practice. Direct snaps to Hart.

Hiller getting a lot of reps today.

trentdowney @Coltszilla Insurance for Peyton injury? Extra material for D coordinators to worry about?

@trentdowney Could just be playing around with it for pre-season experimentation.

TJBlackford @Coltszilla are they actually running the wildcat to seriously use it? Or a let’s try it in practice & preseason and see how it goes??

@TJBlackford My guess is the latter, TJ.

Gonzo, Collie, and Taj Smith tossing the football Round on the side.

Tom Brandstater now getting a lot of reps. A lot off off-color jersey. I think some game prep is going on.

Freeney resting today on a golf cart.

Back at camp and it is hotter than ever.

Players are stretching. Full pads and full speed practice is promised this afternoon.

Vinny missing some kicks in warm-ups. 45 or so yards out.

Now hitting from 40 and 45.

Good from 50. Good from 55. Good from 58.

Breaking into drills.

Dawson out. Session out. Caldwell out. Humber out. Gonzo out. Don’t see Freeney either.

Punt return drills. Brandon James first. Ray Fisher second. Devin Moore third.

Mike Hart with excellent punt coverage as a gunner.

Back into position drills.

Receivers working on hands drills. Catching passes one-handed.

Freeney and Brackett also out.

Receivers making some nice overhead grabs on sluggo routes.

The receivers are all looking great right now.

Both running and passing work now on opposite ends of the field.

Devin Moore is really fast. He ever gets an edge on a stretch or pitch, he is gone.

Manning hits Brandon James for a deep pass down the middle of the field. Can’t catch one day and catches everything the next.

Manning jumping ass, “pick up the tempo!”

Clark with his leg wrapped (ice), around his thigh. Talking with the trainer, standing on the sideline.

Tentatively, it seems like the run blocking a lot better.

Foster stuffs a run up the middle.

Humber is actually playing in a green jersey, all over the field.

Manning to Eldridge for a TD in goal line offense work.

Devin Moore runs freaking hard. Love his effort. Humber with another good stop.

Reggie with an amazing catch for a touchdown in the back of the endzone.

Angerer with solid coverage on Cloherty in the corner of the endzone.

Javarris James with a touchdown reception to the left.

Gijon Robinson appears much faster this year and slimmer.

Brandon King with nice coverage breaking up a Painter pass to Taj Smith.

Eldridge with a tough grab at the goal line. He has looked crazy good all training camp.

Terrail Lambert picks off Tim Hiller. Made a nice break on the ball but it was poorly thrown.

Donald Brown runs for 6yds around right end.

Eldridge drops a pass. Was a little short but he should have dug it out.

Gijon Robinson leaps and fully extends for a nice catch in one of the holes in the zone coverage.

John Chick filling in for Freeney with the first team defense.

Taj Smith with a nice low grab with Hayden in tight coverage. Tamme let’s one slip through his fingers.

Collie with a beautiful sideline grab to the left with Chick shadowing him to the sideline.

Touchdown pass to Tamme up the middle from Manning to close practice.

LovinBlue @Coltszilla Any view on how the O-Line is doing? I fear the Colts will look like the Cowboys did last night.

@LovinBlue Frankly, I am not super concerned about the first team offensive line. Other than Richard long snaps, no worries. Second team ?

@LovinBlue Difficult to read the 2nd team as they work against 1st team D usually. Terry, Tyshovnytsky, Pollak, Williams, Marinelli maybe.

metal_militia11 @Coltszilla How’s Fili looking thus far? Getting any pressure from the DT position?

@metal_militia11 Non-standard jerseys made it hard to find players. I believe he was wearing a red 92, and he looked to be effective.

StampedeBlue @Coltszilla Brett, your camp Tweets are essential reading. Nice work

@StampedeBlue Thanks Brad.