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Colts Power Rankings – Week 1

Each week, April O’Hara will bring Coltzilla visitors a complete breakdown of all the primary NFL power rankings, focusing on the Colts.  Most power rankings include some kind of commentary, and April will often respond to such commentary, particularly if it is overly negative or complimentary.  We invite you to visit Coltzilla each week for updates. – Brett Mock

Average Ranking: 5.56

Fox Sports:  5

Oh boy. Here we go again. The ghosts of bad run defenses from the past could be here again. And you know what’s coming from the Giants this week — lots of Ahmad Bradshaw and Brandon Jacobs.

Walter Football: 7

It really amazes me that teams go into the season thinking they can get away with having crap offensive lines. The Bills, Lions and Eagles did this, but you’d expect organizations of that ilk to make that type of a silly mistake. But the Colts? What happened, oh, great Bill Polian?

Polian had Rodger Saffold sitting there at No. 31. He passed up on Saffold, a franchise left tackle who is already doing a good job protecting Sam Bradford’s blind side. Peyton Manning paid for Polian’s huge error, as he was hit on nearly every play in the Texans game.

Note: The comment for the Steelers is full of win!

Zac Wassink@ Yahoo! Sports: 6

The Colts were dominated on Sunday. How they bounce back could determine their place in NFL power rankings throughout the season.

Um, Zac, I doubt that the Colts care how this game affects their power rankings placement for the remainder of the season, dude.

WEEI in Boston: 4

The Texans followed the Dolphins’ format on how to beat the Colts — run the ball. Although the Dolphins were unsuccessful last year, the Texans ran the ball down Indy’s throat and managed to come out victorious. The Colts are too good to let that happen much more this season and will bounce back. They’re still the favorite to win the AFC South.

Don Banks@ SI.com: 5

I quite properly gushed over Houston’s big win in my Snap Judgments on Sunday, but sorry, I’m not going to overreact and drop Indy below the Texans based on Week 1 alone. Not when the Colts have won 12 games or more seven consecutive years but happened to lose on the road to a division foe that has been gunning for them and treated this game like it was the franchise’s version of the Super Bowl. However, if little brother Eli and his Giants can put big brother Peyton and his Colts in an 0-2 hole for the first time since 1998 (Peyton’s rookie year), then it’ll be time for unrestrained panic in the heartland.

NFL.com (Experts): 6

Paul Kuharksy @ESPN.com: 5

They’ve fixed or survived a bad run defense before.

Cold Hard Football Facts: 6

Peyton Manning, you magnificent bastard! According to Pro-Football-Reference.com’s Play Index, just eight players have passed 50+ times for 400+ yards with zero interceptions (four Hall of Famers, a couple of solid pros, and inexplicably Matt Cassel and Tim Rattay). One heck of a performance, Peyton. Must be September.

Thanks for the backhanded compliment, CHFF.

(rolls eyes)

USA Today: 6

Defense, overmatched in loss to Texans, needs to improve.