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Colts Punter Pat McAfee Subtweets Ryan Grigson into Oblivion

Colts fan’s aren’t the only ones celebrating GM Ryan Grigson’s departure from the organization.

Minutes after reports surfaced that Grigson had been relieved of his duties, All-Pro Punter Pat McAfee took to Twitter to comment on Grigson, though he does not mention the departing GM by name.

This tweet could be about anything, right? Maybe it’s a coincidence. Nope.

Yeah, this is totally about Grigson. I knew I loved you, Pat.

This, however, is my favorite part:

I enjoy this for two reasons. First, Ryan Grigson is apparently not just a bad GM, but also a bad person. Second, because McAfee fires back at the Indianapolis Skip Bayless for saying dumb crap.

McAfee is the first Colts player on the active roster to voice his displeasure with Grigson clearly and publicly. Last year a recently retired Reggie Wayne questioned Grigson’s fitness as GM while discussing the Colts during an appearance on the NFL network, “I think that big problem is a lot of the front office decisions.”