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Colts ride Bengals TOs to win

The Colts rushed for under 3.5 YPC, Peyton completed only 55.6% of his passes for a mere 5.1 yards per attempt, Indy started 6 of their first 8 drives at or inside their own 20 and the Bengals outgained the Colts 359 to 261.

Despite all that Indy won by 6 thanks to picking Palmer off 3 times and recovering fumbles by Benson and Gresham while committing no turnovers themselves.

Leon Hall and Jonathan Joseph’s skills were on full display as neither Reggie Wayne nor Pierre Garçon broke 40 yards receiving. Leaving Jacob Tamme and Brandon James as Peyton’s main targets. The Bengals very lackluster pass rush brought Peyton down twice and applied pressure regularly.

The game was tight late thanks to a combination of soft zone, a terrible ST gaffe by Garçon combined with a horrible unchangeable ruling and Indy being unable to pick up a 1st with 3 straight runs. The D stepped up to save the game stripping the ball away from Jermaine Gresham and recording back to back sacks on Carson Palmer.

A rough offensive day by Indy’s skeleton crew was saved by the defense.