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Demond is on his way to the Luke right now, and reports that Freeney is playing today per the pregame show.

Wow.  Hard not to love that guy.


  • The Seahawks picked up an early third and long as Wallace evades Freeney.  The Colts run defense is dominant early, however, and the Seahawks can’t do it twice in a row.  Great run defense early, and Freeney is indeed playing and bringing the heat.  This was an excellent start for the D, and the Offense will set up at the 20.
  • The Colts drive starts well with a play action pass to Addai for good yardage.  Manning hits Clark on a third and four.  Manning then hit Frenchy for a sweet 25 yard gain, right after Dick Stockton evoked Weird Al, saying that Manning was “like a surgeon”.  From that point on, the Colts ran the ball on the next 5 straight plays.  Good running by Addai set the Colts up with a first and goal.  Then Brown pounded it in.  7-0 Colts.  A text book perfect drive.  Deep and short passes and a nice running drive.  Beautiful.
  • After some terrible kickoff coverage, the Seahawks again pick up a first down quickly, then extend the drive further as Wallace evades the rush and scampers for a first down.  The Seahawks try to cute and a run wide and a flanker screen are smothered for losses, and on third down, he’s forced out of bounds by Keiaho who was assigned to spy on Wallace.  All you need to know about this game on D so far is that the Seahawks have rushed 7 times for 11 yards…three on a QB scramble.  Again, the Colts start at the 20.  It’s time to put this game away.
  • Nope.  A botched stretched run, a batted pass, and pressure on third down=three and out.  Indy will punt to start the second quarter.  All things considered however, this was a good first quarter for the team.


  • The Colts D survives a deep ball aimed at exploiting Tim Jennings as Wallace overthrows him.  After a short run and a nice round of applause for Edge, the Colts blitz on third down and give up the first down.  After another short third down completion, Mathis got mauled and the ensuing penalty backed the Seahawks up.  On third down, Wallace scrambled, hitting a big play down field, but was flagged for an illegal forward pass.  It was a close play, and the Seahawks looked like they could have challenged.  They didn’t.  Colts’ ball at the 10.
  • After a quick pass to Clark, the Colts got a huge break as Don Brown fumbled a ball along the sidelines.  The Hawks recovered, but just barely out of bounds.  Manning then hits Frenchy again on a wild floater for 35 yards deep down field after getting hit.  Frenchy broke free across the field and caught the ball for a big gain and first down inside the 20.  Addai does some dirty work inside the 5 before Manning hits Wayne for a TD on his first catch of the game and a 14-0 lead.  Amazing.  Manning is 10/11 for 127, a score and a rating over 145.
  • The Seahawks do a nice job converting on third and long and piece together a real drive.  The main culprit is the Colts’ secondary which has allowed Wallace to complete 82% of his passes.  The pressure bailed out the D after a first and goal however, as Brock and Mathis hammered Wallace on third down.  Mare drained a 38 yard field goal, but it was a good stand for the D.  The Offense has a minute and change to get points.  They also start the second half with the ball.
  • Manning burns up the Seahawks secondary and quickly gets the team into field goal range.  Finally, with just 8 seconds to play, Manning hits Collie for an incredible 20 yard TD pass to end the half.  Collie gets his first career TD (a 20 yard strike).  It’s 21-3 Colts at the half.


Here’s everything you need to know about this half of football:  17/20, 220 yards, 2 TDs, a 145.8 rating  and on defense:  12 carries for 34 yards (2.8 YPC).

That will get it done every time.  21-3 Colts.


  • Utter and total domination folks.  5 drives.  4 TDs.  This one is capped off by Addai bursting up the middle on third and 1 from the 11.  Manning is incendiary right now.   The Colts are running effectively and I expect we’ll see a heavy dose of both RBs from here on out.  Enjoy the starters while you can.  They are coming out early today.  28-3 Colts.
  • No contest.  A hold on first down dooms the Seahawks.  The Colts D has played a masterful game today, allowing a completion % of 79%, but with only 4.8 YPA (including sacks).
  • Well, it took all day, but Manning finally screwed up.  He tried to go quick on third down, and ended up throwing a bad pick on third and 10.  No big deal, but it didn’t seem necessary.   Manning looked to trying to catch the Seahawks with too many men on the field.  He didn’t.
  • The Seahawks drive ends in ignomy as Freeney pressures Wallace, allowing Mathis to fly in with the tomahawk strip.  Keiaho recovers, and the D escapes unscathed.  By my count, that the third sack on the day for the Colts.
  • The third quarter ends as the Colts cross midfield.  I imagine that Manning will finish out this drive and take a seat for the bulk of the fourth quarter.  Seriously, folks, I really want to see my dream scenario with Edge take place.  It could happen, right?


  • Wayne drops a first down pass with the pink gloves, and the Colts drive stalls just shy of midfield.  After a penalty, the Seahawks get the ball at the 25.
  • Dwight Freeney must be fine.  Not only is he playing with the Colts up 25 points in the fourth quarter, but he picked up a sack.  He has had sacks in all four games this year.  Rushing runs the kick back across the 50, and the Colts are in business.  It remains to be seen if 18 is in or not.
  • Indy moves the ball a little, but generally looks sloppy doing it.  Manning takes a couple of shots, but the Horse extends the lead anyway with a field goal.  Seriously, Jim.  It’s Sorgi time.
  • Good Lord.  It’s just turned into a bloodbath now.  Colts ball, first and goal at the 5 as Wallace gets killed again.  Oh! The humanity!
  • Quick three and out.  3 more points.  34-3.  It’s time for Edge’s 80 yard run.
  • Wallace scrambles for a garbage TD with less than three minutes to play.  It’s utterly irrelevant.
  • The Seahawks onside kick results in a desperation drive and another meaningless TD.  34-17 is your final.


All good things.  Ride the bull.  Do the bull dance.

This team is rolling.