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Colts Tuesday Training Camp Updates

Below I have listed all of my tweets from training camp for Tuesday practice.  This will give you an idea, in chronological order, how the practices went (in my eyes).  I hope you will enjoy seeing the raw material that will lead to the story I will write about what I saw on my day at training camp.

Arriving at camp.

Players are running sprints and drills.

Offense on near field. Defense on far field. I miss Silva and Caldwell already :(.

Clark still sitting out. Shorts and cap.

Gonzalez is practicing. All shorts and helmets this morning.

It looks like Powers is also sitting. No helmet, watching the DBs run drills.

Receivers and tight ends running the route tree with the quarterbacks.

Defensive line running bag drills.

Defensive line now working on spin moves.

The waiter is taking another day off.

Offense (receivers, tight ends, and running backs) working against defensive back seven.

A lot of drops today by pass-catchers. Eldridge, Wayne, and Gonzo at least to this point.

Sanders and McCleskey sitting out.

Guice with a nice grab. Tamme with a drop. Note that these passes are being defended in these drills.

These drills are very aggressive despite the lack of pads.

Jamie Thomas has a walking boot on his left leg. Sitting out.

DeVan sitting but no wrap visible. The guys seem a little out of it this mornong, tempo-wise.

Jacques McClendon is getting reps today. Good to see him on the field.

Offense and defense split now, working against themselves.

Just walk-throughs at this point.

Smallest crowd I have seen since camp opened.

Now full speed 11 on 11.

Tamme getting reps in place of Clark.

I just found myself getting nervous as Painter took over the offense.

Drop by Giguere.

Manning’s hard count makes me jump offside. Nice corner fade to Collie for a TD earns a cheer from the crowd.

Manning hits Robinson on a fade to the left on the next play.

Coach Ray is barking order for incoming kick return drills. Devin Moore first.

Ray Fisher on the second return.

Brandon James on the third.

Giguere finishes up the returns. Breaking into 7-on-7 drills.

Defensive line working on pass rushing techniques on the far field.

Kickers, punters, and Snow doing laps. Manning just got visibly frustrated with Tamme who lined up out of position for the call.

Townsend on the breakup, sailing pass from Hiller to Smith.

Diem is sitting out today as well.

Wayne with a nice grab from Manning earns cheers. Arms fully out-stretched above his head on a 30 yard post route.

Defensive line has finished with their drills and is now just watching.

Hiller with an overthrow.

Hiller picked by Brackett.

Jamey Richard and Tony Ugoh also sitting.

Hart is really quick when he initially reels in a catch. Making the first man miss regularly with his acceleration and change of direction.

It is really odd that Pierre is no where to be seen. Not in a jersey or otherwise on the sideline that I can see.

I have not seen Bethea anywhere on the field either.

Lacey replacing Powers on the field. King replacing Lacey.

Wrapping up now.

Hiller throwing with Cloherty after practice.

Evening Scrimmage:

Tons of people at camp this evening.

Definitely crazy full with people. Wouldn’t be surprised if camp records are broken tonight.

Harbaugh jersey siting.

Shoulder pads and shorts. McClendon playing with a knee-brace on.

Brandon James and Ray Fisher practicing fielding punts front the Jugs machine.

Devin Moore getting in on fielding punts. Giguere and King on fielding kicks.

Brandon James has missed a couple punts.

Peyton signed at the fence for 20 minutes before joining the team to stretch.

Powers sitting. Hart sitting. Humber sitting. Terry sitting. DeVan sitting.

Keyunta Dawson sitting.

Onside kick drills.

Normal kickoffs now.

Lindholm working on field goals. Plenty of leg from 53 yards. Looks pretty accurate also though other is hard to see from the side.

There is a defensive player wearing #30 I cannot identify. Maybe a number switch or a new unreported addition to replace Silva?

Blue signing autographs for mini-fans.

7-on-9 running drills.

ColtPower @COLTSZILLA what’s up with the green and red jerseys. Who are those guys?

@ColtPowerTheir real numbers are on their helmets.

Kelly saw Caldwell shake #30’s hand early in the evening practice. Suggests he may be new. Or mccauley switched

Freeney sitting.1st team o-line tonight is Ugoh, Martinez, Richard, Pollak, and Diem.

ColtPower @COLTSZILLA you must have some sharp eyes.

I have settled on McCleskey changing his number. Don’t see a 39 out there. Unless he has been replaced already.

Moala is still looking really good. Has quick hands.

TD pass from Manning to Tamme in goaline practice, to the right.

Hiller in now.

Hiller to Tamme left at the goal line

Hiller to Cloherty TD right at the goal line.

@ColtPower Yes and 20/20 memory

Painter now working with receivers. Brandon James with a would-be touchdown.

Wheeler picks off Painter, or at least has close coverage.

Addai still looks like he is in really good shape. Caught a dumpoff left from Manning and broke down the sideline evading defenders.

Gonzo burns past Hayden and Manning hits him for a 70 yard touchdown.

Painter connects with Taj Smith.