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Colts vs. Jaguars Open Thread

As bad as the Jaguars have been this season, they still are a division rival – and that alone is enough to say “do not underestimate them.”  For Jacksonville, the key to this game will be their run game with Maurice Jones-Drew. For Indianapolis, let’s look at my three keys for Week 4.

  1. Run Defense: If the Colts can hold Jones-Drew in check, they should be able to shut the Jaguars down, get back on offense, and let the offense work.
  2. Offensive Line: Indy’s guards are going to be tested today, and a key match-up is Jags Tyson Alualu vs. two struggling Indy guards.  If the offensive line can give Peyton Manning time, he should be able to throw all over the Jags and get some big gains.
  3. Blair White: He may not be as key to this game as he was versus Denver, but White is a key player to watch; especially to see what progress he has made with a week of practice with Manning.  I think we may have something really good with White, but we shall see.