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Colts Wednesday Evening Training Camp Updates

Below I have listed all of my tweets from training camp on Wednesday evening.  This will give you an idea, in chronological order, how the practice went (in my eyes).  I hope you will enjoy seeing the raw material that will lead to the story I will write about what I saw on my day at training camp.

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At camp again. The boys are warming up. Full pads, scrimmage mode.

Anthony Gonzalez will be sitting out again.

McAfee booming punts inside the 15 from the 50 to start things off.

Blair White muffs a punt. McAfee booming 65-70 yard punts.

Garret Lindholm is punting now. Odd. They may protect McAfee during the preseason.

Fade route from Manning to Garçon. Dudley Guice one-handed grab on a corner route thrown short.

Taj Smith drops a pass in his hands. Makes up for it on a follow-up attempt.

Taj with a tip-toeing corner grab in the endzone.

Guice with brick hands again. Very disappointing.

Terrail Lambert is in a walking boot.

David Caldwell sitting out.

Deshea Townsend just broke up a pass to Dallas Clark.

Giguere with a nice catch in the corner of the endzone against tight coverage.

Pierre Garçon with a nice grab with Hayden draped on him.

Brandon James with an overhead grab on the left side of the endzone, barely stayed in bounds. Nice looking play.

Adam Terry sitting out.

Offense working on goal line situations on the opposite end of the field. Sanders just intercepted Peyton and the crowd goes wild.

Goal line defense give first and second stringe offense fits. A good sign for our defense.

Sanders breaks up a pass to Donald Brown in the endzone.

Painter with an ugly dead duck pass into a tight coverage situation. Incomplete and risky.

Cody Glenn drops an easy pass. Linebacker hands.

Dwight Freeney breaks up a pass to Dallas Clark.

Pat Angerer working with the first team.

Mike Hart with an 8 yard run against the second team.

Wheeler just plastered Wayne on a short slant route. Wayne was not happy about it and threw the ball at Wheeler. Shoving ensued.

Dallas Clark with a TD on a 45 yard reverse. Very nice!

Now working on kick returns.

Full kickoff drills now.

Brandon James looks like a natural at finding running lanes returning kicks.

Devin Moore just looked good too. I think we will have a real returner this year for sure. Fisher also looks like a natural.

Same with Giguere.

Addai just smoked Sanders on a sluggo route for a reception down the left sideline.

Hart drops a short pass to the left from Peyton. Manning’s next pass slips out of Dallas Clark’s hands, nearly picked by Silva.

Field is damp, guessing it is affecting the surface of the ball causing difficulties.

Addai on a draw breaks free for a potential touchdown.

Taj Smith with a really nice grab very low from Manning, lined up to his right. Would have gone for a nice gain.

Silva with a nice pass breakup. Hughes got nice penetration.

Jerry Hughes just lined up in a joker role. He is very fast.

Reggie Wayne with a TD grab beating Sanders. Taj Smith responds with his own grab over the top of Sanders for a TD.

Practice ends on a completion from Manning to Clark.

Betsybrown10 @Coltszilla how did lindholm do punting? let us know if he kicks any FGs

@Betsybrown10 Lindholm was not close to as good as McAfee. Not a big surprise. About a 40-45 yard range on the high end I suppose.

StampedeBlue @Coltszilla Really? A bit of drama at Colts camp

@StampedeBlue The drama was brief and relatively unimportant. It was good to see the guys get fired up a bit in my mind. Crowd enjoyed it.

StampedeBlue @Coltszilla Brett, is Fisher working in kickoff drills?

@StampedeBlue Fisher is working in kickoff drills but most of the return specialists take one kick during these drills. James gets the most.

LovinBlue@ Coltszilla sweet – love to see the passion as long as noone gets hurt!

@LovinBlue Yeah. I feel the same. I thought it was great to see them mixing it up. I am sure everything was fine right after.

LadyBlue7318 @Coltszilla Sanders picking off Manning…Wheeler taken it to Wayne…sounds like D is tired of Peyton’s O getting all the glory–lol

@LadyBlue7318 The D had their shots on Manning and Co. but Manning had his too. The guys look pretty close to ready to go.

Catholicfball55 @Coltszilla javarris James still not Doing anything

@Catholicfball55 I won’t say that Javarris James is not doing anything to be noticed. It is just hard to see everything/everyone.