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I’ll be here all night, updating at least once a quarter.  I don’t know about you, but I’M READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL!


  • Ok, so that’s a good start!  Manning hits Clark up the seam (huh, where did I hear about that…?) for 80 yards and a score.  Can’t beat that.  I’ve been waiting for Clark to actually score on that route forever.  This time he broke a crappy tackle attempt by the safety and took it all the way home.
  • Terrible tackling mars the Colts first drive, as the Dolphins run it right down their throat, only completing a two passes for little yardage, and running for the rest.  Awful.  Awful. Awful.  The run defense could not have been more pathetic.
  • The Dolphins force a punt as Joey Porter forces a quick throw by Peyton on third down.  The Colts kept Clark and Addai both in on third down play, with Clark releasing late.  If Manning had time, he could have found Clark in the flat for the first.  CJ got beat, and he had to throw before he was ready.
  • The Dolphins have only thrown three times, and they’ve already picked on Tim Jennings twice, including a big third and five.  The quarter ends with them facing a third and short near mid-field.


  • Finally, the Dolphins play into the Colts’ hands by passing on 2 of three plays.  Both go incomplete, and the defense forces the 45 yard field goal.  The Dolphins got too cute and paid for it.  Still, two drives.  91 rushing yards in just over a quarter. 10 points.  Not a good start.
  • The Colts third drive pays off with a field goal as Manning makes a nice third down conversion to Wayne to get into field goal range.  Manning had an open Robinson down the field on first down, but the pressure made him throw early.
  • The Dolphins are dumb as dirt.  Despite running for big yards, they inexplicably switch to the pass.  The Colts secondary shuts it down (including a couple of good plays by Jennings).  That was a huge stop as the Dolphins threatened to go three for three in scoring drives.
  • With 4:41 to play in the half, the Colts desperately need a long scoring drive.  The Dolphins start the second half with the ball, so a three and out could keep the offense on the sidelines for the next hour of real time.
  • Nope.  Manning throws to Collie wasn’t anywhere near open on third and four.  The Colts punt; the Dolphins get the ball at the 40 and should have the next two possessions.  Indy will do well to not be down double digits by their next offensive possession.
  • Well, I suppose you could say disaster was averted.  The Dolphins still rammed the ball home for a field goal, but they did leave the Colts 40 seconds.    Manning is just 5/10 this half.  Collie and Garcon are never open, and there simply isn’t anywhere to throw the ball.  Other than the one deep ball to Clark, Miami has owned this half with three scoring drives in four possessions.
  • Manning hit Brown on a sweet play for 20 yards to midfield, and then hit Clark for a huge first down that was erased when one of the WRs didn’t get up on the line.  On third down (after an overturned pick), Manning hits Clark down to the 31, and then AV slams a FG off the upright and through for a 13-13 tie.  That was about the most unlikely three points ever.


It’s tied, but the Colts have to be worried.  Manning is hitting just 50% of his passes, and only three guys have catches (Wayne, Clark and Brown with one).  The D has to figure out how to stop the run or this won’t be the Colts night. The Dolphins held the ball for more than 20 minutes in the first half.  Freeney has a coverage sack, but the truth is that he’s been totally invisible tonight.


  • More of the same to start the third quarter.  The Dolphins chew up more than six minutes off the clock, but in the end, the Horse bends but doesn’t break as Eric Foster breaks up a third down pass and the Fins miss a long field goal.  Indy needs to establish the run and keep their defense off the field.  They look gassed.  This defense looks indistinguishable from the recent Colts Ds, especially with Jennings in the game.  Pennington is going after him first on every passing play.  He’s done ok at times, but he’s the first target on third downs.
  • The Colts go three and out as they are wholly unable to protect Manning.  The right side gives up a confusion sack on first down and on third and long CJ lets Porter force Manning into a deep throw away.
  • Folks, this game isn’t going to go our way.  The Dolphins held the ball for the entire third quarter except for three plays, one of which was a sack.  At this point the defense has nothing left in the tank.  I can’t imagine Indy is going to win this game.  I know it’s tied, but it feels like it’s all Miami. They shouldn’t throw another pass the rest of the game.  The Dolphins have had the ball for more than 33 minutes (of a max 45).  Ironically, the problem is only partially on the defense.  13 points in three quarters isn’t bad.  The real issue is that they are out of gas because the offense can’t maintain drives. 


  • Touchdown Dolphins.  If they don’t pass the rest of the game, they win.
  • Chad Simpson is the definition of mediocre.
  • Peyton Manning is the badest man alive.  He won’t get 40 attempts tonight, but he is stone cold carrying his team.  The Colts scored (too) quickly to tie the game.  Nice fight from Dallas Clark and Don Brown.  Clark is having an All-Pro night.  We can only hope the offense sees the ball again.
  • Stop me if you’ve heard this before:  The Colts D allows a long drive where they can’t get off the field on third down and the Dolphins take the lead on a field goal.  Actually, it could have been worse.  The Colts get the ball with just under four minutes to play down just three.  This is more than I could have asked for at the start of the quarter.
  • Hey!  Chad Simpson…he sucks.  Was that really a ten yard return?
  • GO FRENCHY! GO FRENCHY!  This might be the best game of his career.  Incredible.  He totally set up the score by throwing deep on first down and throwing the screen on second.  :32 drive.  80 yards. TD.  Insane.
  • Two minutes to play.  The Fins have 1 timeout.  They face a third and four.  They have more than 70 yards to go.  We have to win the game.

Wow.  Be back soon with reaction.