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Comment Card…

Just wanted to catch up on a few of your comments:

Ian said…
I’m a Colts fan stuck in Colorado so I love the constant updates I’m getting from this blog. I greatly enjoyed the first podcast, are they going to be weekly from now on? When I first saw the ESPN.com headline “NFL’s Harrison suspended for HGH” I had a moment of panic because I thought it was Marvin. I almost had a heart attack waiting for the page to load. Keep up the good work.

Thanks Ian. Yes, I had a mini-freakout as well when I saw that headline. Rodney Harrison’s situation shows just how tough life in the NFL is. He was trying to do anything he could to hang on and recover from an injury. I’m just glad it wasn’t one of our guys.

As for the podcast, it will be weekly. Every Thursday, we’ll come out with our 18 most important plays of the game repleat with our own semi-ironic commentary and analysis. The Bears game was a dry run, and it got us excited to keep going. However, as a silent protest against the NFL Preseason, we decided not to pick apart the last two games. Seriously, there just wasn’t much reasonable to say about Friday’s snorefest.

Anonymous said…
It seems that any writer that praises the Colts is right on. But, any writer that is critical of the Colts has no credibility. You’re as bad as the INDYSTAR. This site is hilarious. I guess that’s what happens when you only have one team that had their miracle year.

First off anonymous, thanks for having the guts to print your real name! By the way, this is a Colts fan site! WE ARE HUGE HOMERS! Are you so mind bogglingly stupid that you can’t figure that out? We are biased, but try not to be unfair or blind. There are criticisms of the Colts that we do print and recognize. When someone says, “Statistically, things look bleak for the Colts”, we say, “yup, they sure do”. If a site says that the Chargers are stacked and could cause serious problems for Indy, “We say, yes, that’s 100% true.” When someone says, “Cato June? Whatever will the Colts do without him?”, we rip them.

By the way, Indy has two teams, and last year really wasn’t much of a miracle year. The normal arc for teams is to be premier for several years before breaking through. The Colts had had some tough breaks (largely due to Vandy shanking kicks), and finally had some breaks go their way. This was no different than the breaks that other teams got (Carolina shanking a kickoff out of bounds to give NE a short field, Pittsburgh winning because Nick Harper’s wife stabbed him). If you want to make fun of our opinions because they are wrong, stone up and tell us how. If you want to rip on us for being Colts fans, have the guts to tell us what team you root for so we can mock you in kind. Otherwise, shut the hell up.

By the way, rip the Indy Star all you want, but it gives Colts fans the best and most consistent info on the team. Ripping them just shows your ignorance. Unless you meant Kravitz. In which case, you are right, he sucks.

Trust me fans, if the Colts stink this year, we’ll say so. If a national writer correctly identifies problem areas and writes a good analysis, we’ll link it. But as long as people are out there printing crap without doing any research (Nick Harper and Jason David are gone? The Colts are doomed!), we’ll be here making snarky comments and grousing about their heads being shoved too far up their collective asses to see the truth.