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Cross Examination

Last week’s give and take with Seahawkaddicts.com was well received, so this week were are giving you a double dose.  I asked the same questions to two different Titans blogs.  The first is Total Titans on the MVN network.  You may remember this blog for its excellent breakdown of Collins’ 15 straight incomplete passes a couple of weeks ago.  Total Titans asked some questions of yours truly as well. Be sure to head over and check out my answers.

I also hooked up with the Bloguin network blog Titans Tracker, which is run by a big VY fan.  Always an interesting exchange there.  He also hit me up for some Colts knowledge which I dropped like I was Braylon Edwards.  Be sure to visit both sites as they asked different questions.  Here’s what they had to say about Sunday’s game:

DZ:  1.  What has happened to the Titans secondary?  How do you go from 12 TD passes in 16 games to 10 in four games?

Titans Tracker:  I take a holistic view of things, so I’m especially reluctant to look at the secondary as an isolated unit, because their success is linked to that of the defensive line. That being said, you have a starting corner (Nick Harper) who’s way past his prime, and two rookies (Ryan Mouton and Jason McCourty) who are getting significant playing time. Cortland Finnegan hasn’t been very effective (as a corner or a punt returner). Michael Griffin had a horrible game against the Texans, but the two safeties have been OK.
Total Titans:  Well, with that kind of change, you don’t see just one thing go wrong.  The first big problem was the safeties were overcommitting.  Both Hope and Griffin were biting VERY hard on play-fakes and pump-action early in the year, and ended up badly out of position because of it.  Griffin gave Andre Johnson a touchdown Week 2-he had deep coverage responsibilities over Nick Harper, and despite playing 25 yards away from scrimmage bit on play-action and stumbled trying to backpedal and cover.  The solution to the problem of overcommitting has been to play both guys deep downfield and to play more passively.  The overcommtting, and the passive play reaction to it, also extends to the linebackers.  Heath Miller and Owen Daniels both were able to make plays against David Thornton and Keith Bulluck.