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Day 5 without 88
Two questions:  1.)  Did you really think I’d forget about you that easily?  2.)  How many different ways can you sing the same thing?
It’s been a few days now.  And I’m done with the nuanced stuff.  I’m ready to tell you how I feel about you.  It’s not too late.  Come back home.  The first time you pull up short on a deep ball they will boo you mercilessly in Philadelphia.  We’d never do that to you.  We’ll make excuses for you and explain to everyone how Peyton has been off all year.  We’ll hand you a Tasty-Kake and tell you that you’ll get them next time. 

You don’t need the money.  You own a bar!  That’s about as a far as a man can go in life.  One more season.  One more season with a healthy Peyton and a much-improved O-line.  That’s all we are asking for.