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Depleted Colts come up just short against the  Jets

I have never been less surprised, frustrated or depressed about a Colts playoff loss. It seemed inevitable as the Colts couldn’t get receivers free missing Collie and Clark in the 1st half, couldn’t stop the Jets running game with their young LBs in the 2nd half and struggled to stop the Jets through the air all game, despite Sanchez struggling to throw accurately with the 10 IR’ed DBs joined by Aaron Fransisco on the sidelines about midgame. The Colts margin of error was razor thin with the injuries they had accumulated through the season, and a slow start along with a few key miscues was all it took to knock the Colts out of the postseason.

Right now everything else just seems like 2nd guessing the deckchair arrangement on the Titanic. Maybe with some better decisions and execution they’d have stayed afloat a bit longer, but it was hard not to see the ship eventually going down.