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Derek Haste is a Cool Dude

This is my official thank you post to one of the most awesome readers on earth.

A few months ago, I got a letter from a Colts fan named Victor Hugo Dilger in Brazil (Yeah, I’m huge in Brazil.  Just like Men at Work).  He was looking for a Ken Dilger jersey, as he’s distantly related

A member of the 18to88 community, Derek Haste, volunteered to get Victor a Ken Dilger jersey on his next trip out of the country. 

He also did a little favor for me:

I just got the jersey last week, and obviously I’m pretty excited.  Prior to this, the cover of Blue Blood existed only in the mind of Matt Hasenbalg who designed it by doing some creative art work to a Marvin Harrison jersey.  Have i mentioned Blue Blood recently?  Feels like it’s been a few weeks.  I wrote this book…you should read it.  Having the jersey from the cover is really special to me.  I wrote the book trying to earn money to support my day job, and haven’t done much by way of just taking joy in the accomplishment.  Derek’s incredible gift is something that I’ll always treasure and wear with pride. 

I have to say, I’m so grateful for the gift.  It’s a reminder to me of how much others besides me invest in this community.  Thanks to Derek for the jersey, Matt for the awesome cover idea, and to everyone who collaborates, comments, tweets, emails and lurks here at 18to88.com.  Every time I need something from you for myself or for another reader, you always seem to come through.

Thanks everyone.

I don’t know what I’ll do when Raul Hildalgo Herrod writes me.  But I do know where to find help.