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Disorganized, Random Draft Thoughts
  • The server is still down on 18to88.com. We’re working on it.
  • The 10 minutes between picks makes the draft about 1000% more watchable.
  • The Under Armour commercial is bizarre, but it’s great to see the Zombie getting some work.
  • I think McFadden will be a beast for Oakland.
  • Did Jaworski just say that JaMarcus Russell is an embryo? I prefer my quarterbacks to have already lost their vestigial tails.
  • I know that Matt Ryan and Michael Vick couldn’t be more superficially different, but I’m not sure that either one is actually any good.
  • The best part of the Chiefs getting Dorsey is that the two best players are officially off the board before NE picks. Beautiful.
  • And there it is. The unquestioned 6 best players go in the first 6 picks. This pleases me as the Pats pick 7th.
  • Why do networks feel the need to do the cheesy ‘mission control’ type crap? Does any think it’s cool? Crossing War Games, Minority Report, and the IPhone to show teams drafting isn’t cool. It’s retarded.
  • Steve Young says the Patriots might be arrogant? How dare he! He’ll be getting weird hate mail for months.
  • Mel Kiper kills the Jags. Hilarious. What could be more comical than the Jags trading way up to draft a guy from Florida. This move smacks of trying to sell tickets. What a hilarious franchise.
  • Demond and I IM just before and after the Jags trade is announced as two 3rds and a 4th:

    Demond: that was special stuff
    Demond (4:04:05 PM): mel kiper: C –
    DZ (4:04:15 PM): soooo sweet
    Demond (4:06:45 PM): lol
    DZ (4:06:46 PM): HOLY CRAP
    DZ (4:06:48 PM): LOL
    DZ (4:06:52 PM): oh man
    Demond (4:06:52 PM): love it
    DZ (4:06:55 PM): oh gosh
    DZ (4:06:57 PM): oh my
    DZ (4:06:59 PM): oh my
    DZ (4:07:05 PM): I love this team
    DZ (4:07:09 PM): oh lord

    Yeah, we are pretty happy. Good ol’ Jholes. You can always count on them for a laugh!

  • Matt Millen finally found a way to avoid screwing up a pick. He just traded it.
  • I just found this piece on CHFF. It’s a great article from the Wall Street Journal about Mr. Polian, the man who will make tomorrow a beautiful day for Colts fans. I’ll be out for the rest of the night. Demond will pick up from here.
  • Wow. The first round took a mere 3 and half hours. ESPN and the NFL finally got it right. Reducing each first round pick by five minutes forced the decision-makers to move faster than normal. Most people were expecting this to shave an hour or so off the first round, but it ended up being closer to a 3 hours savings.
  • Chilo Rachal who played Guard for USC just went to San Francisco at pick 39. Mel Kiper had the Colts taking him in his last mock draft. I say this only to further illustrate the futility of projecting past the first ten picks of the first round.
  • The speedy Tracy Porter goes at pick 40 ahead of his Hoosier teammate, James Hardy. The big receiver will not last long though.
  • Told you. Hardy goes immediately after Porter at 41 to Buffalo. If this kid dedicates himself to the game of football the Bills might have gotten one of the steals of the draft.
  • This is not the best day to be a receiver. None were drafted in the first round. The second round has seen a flood of receivers.
  • I have absolutely no idea who the Colts are going to take. If I had to guess right now I’d say Quentin Groves the DE from Auburn. Although he will probably be gone by pick 59. It’s kind of fun not having any clue what direction Polian will go.
  • 18to88.com is back up for anyone who didn’t get a chance to check out our mock draft.
  • Ray Rice from Rutgers is still available as of pick 52. Wouldn’t be surprised to see him go to the next team looking for a RB. Man would that be a great pick for Indy. Won’t last though.
  • Jaguars traded up to take Groves, my prediction for the Colts. I’m going to stop guessing now and just wait to see what happens. Ravens take Ray Rice. Duh. That would have been too good.
  • Packers get great value taking Brian Brohm with the 57th pick. This is a kid that at one point was projected to go in the first round. Very intriguing pick.
  • Who is it going to be? TE? DE? RB? Surely one of those three positions, right?
  • The Colts take Mike Pollak, C, from Arizona State with the 59th pick of the 2008 draft.
  • Deshawn Zombie points out that Jeff Saturday is a free agent after this season. However we are guessing that Pollak will project as a guard on Indy’s offensive line. He may be the only thing standing in the way of Charlie Johnson starting at guard next season.
  • As DZ says, “You wait all day for your team to draft a player that you’ll never hear about even if he starts every game for the rest of his career.”
  • See you tomorrow.