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For this week’s Eyes in the Backfield.  Just follow the link in the Articles list right next door.  If you want a taste, here it is:

Although last week’s game didn’t turn out anything like we expected,
it wasn’t a total surprise given the terrible weather conditions. 
Oddly enough, this story seemed to get underplayed as the game was
discussed during the week.  Worse than an uninspiring offensive
performance, however, were the injuries the Horse suffered in the game. 
Fortunately for the banged up hometown crew, this week features another
of the worst teams in the NFL.  As the Bengals roll up I-74 this week,
watch for:

Watch them get off the field.  The Colts are dead last in the NFL in
3rd down defense.  They allow a first down 48.8% of the time.  The
three teams immediately in front of them are Cincinnati, Oakland, and Kansas City.  Keep that stat in mind when getting your postseason hopes up.  Although, FO thinks teams that do poorly or well JUST on third down will return to normal, so who knows what is possible? 

Watch for hope.  Bob Sanders had full participation in practice on
Friday and is questionable for Sunday.  Indy’s defense allow 5.1 yards
per play which is 12th in the league.  Solid.  If and when Bob Sanders
returns he will help shore up the aforementioned third down defense. 

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