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Early Eyes

Eyes in the Backfield is ready to go in a very special midweek episode.  (Insert Demond learns how to appropriately deal with rage and/or peer pressure joke here)

Last week,
the boys sucked me into predicting the blowout, yet required another
fourth quarter TD from Manning and company to pull one out against
Detroit.  Now, almost unbelievably, the Colts have a chance to wrap up
a playoff spot with an extra week left to get healthy.  As the Colts
prepare for a short week tilt with the Jags, be sure to watch for:

1.  The game…if you can find it.  The NFL network is still not ubiquitous, and while local Colts fans can tune into Fox 59
many fans around the country will be left in the dark.  The
disappearance of these games into the black hole that is the NFL
network has forced writers and bloggers to coin terms such as
‘quasi-national TV’ and ‘mostly prime-time stage’.

2.  Watch for
the wounded.  The word out early on was that Addai and Sanders could be
ready to go for Thursday night, but now the team is hedging.  Polian
called the Zombie a 51-49 prospect.  It’s a tough call for Colts fans. 
On one hand, it would be nice to see the whole team play together for
at least one game before the playoffs, but on the other we’ve been
conditioned to cringing at a half dozen players limp off the field per
half.  How the Colts choose to balance the injuries vs the need to for
rhythm will be dominant theme for the next week and a half.

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