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Eyes in the Backfield Ravens (playoff)

18 Things to Watch for During Saturday Night’s Colts/Ravens Game

It’s playoff time

It’s finally upon us.  All the talk, all the waiting, all the hopes and fears of an entire season will come to a head on Saturday night at the Luke.  We’ll all be watching.  Here’s what to keep your eye on:

1.  Watch the shift.  The Ravens have undergone a total makeover since last we saw them. Early in the season, they let fly with Flacco.  Check out his attempts and passing yards per game:
Through Week 13: 34 attempts, 240 yards
Week 14-Playoffs:21 attempts, 153 yards
40% fewer attempts and 34% fewer yards

They leaned far more heavily on their running game:

Combined Rice, McGahee rushing attempts and yards per game:
Through Week 13: 21 attempts, 96 yards
Week 14-Playoffs:30 attempts, 191 yards
43% more attempts and 100% more yards

This isn’t the same Ravens offense we faced in November. It’s a run first attack.  Tip to Rick for the stats.

2.  Watch the goat.  Last year, Gijon Robinson’s inexcusable failure to lay even a mitt on Dobbins ruined the Colts season.  He was inactive for the first game with the Ravens, but his replacement, Tom Santi, had a huge day catching the ball as Dallas Clark was largely shut down.  Robinson could once again be a huge factor in a playoff game and has a chance to redeem himself.

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