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Enjoy that bowl, Hoosiers…

because it’ll be your last for awhile. IU proved today that they are not committed to winning at football by inexplicably rehiring Bill Lynch. Look, he did ok this year. JUST OK. Using another coach’s players, he managed to chalk up exactly 1 impressive win (blowing a huge lead before coming back on Purdue is what passes for impressive ’round these parts). He isn’t D 1 material, and shouldn’t have been retained. I heard JMV (950 was playing college football) say last week that if IU hired some young gun, he’d just win and then leave the program for a better job. To this I say, “Yeah, but he’d have to WIN in order to do that!” I’d take two or three winning seasons, wouldn’t you?

At this point I’m almost willing to see what Bill Mallory is doing. Bill Lynch is NOT the answer. IU will be back to 3-9 in two seasons.

Demond Sanders: I appreciate what Bill Lynch has done for Indiana this season. He played QB on my dad’s high school team so I always root for him as a coach. However, I have to agree with DZ’s take on this. The bottom line is Indiana doesn’t have the money to spend on a football coach at this juncture. They are committed to spending money on the infrastructure and, of course, the basketball program. They are hoping Lynch can get them back to another bowl game or two in the next few years. I had hoped they would pick a younger version of Hep, someone motivated and ambitious. I believe Lynch puts a ceiling on what they can accomplish at least as far recruiting. I hope I’m wrong, but to me this is the definition of settling for less.