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ESPN Power Rankings Passes the test

So I mentioned the “Am I a Smart Analyst Test” last night, and low and behold we have our first ‘pass’ of the test in awhile. ESPN has the Colts ranked second, but more importantly than the ranking is the reason. They’ve figured out exactly why all the injury talk is way overblown.
In other news, FO ranks the best QB seasons in the DVOA era. Our boy does pretty well (#1 overall, 4 of the top 8, 6 of the top 20). Yeah, he’s pretty good.
Demond Sanders: Humor me for a moment and let me bask in the glory that is Danica. An average racer who, by virtue of having two X chromosomes, is the only known human who can get Indycar precious seconds on Sportscenter and CNN in the same day. Here’s the latest international incident featuring the beautiful and talentless Milka Duno: