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Everyone on Facebook Must Think I’m Shallow

I confess:  I’ve never really understood Facebook.

The first time I heard about Facebook was at a conference about engaging young leaders.  I was supposed to represent the young leaders.  I ran my own blog.  I had a podcast.  I had an informational website with video and everything.  I instantly felt old when I heard about Facebook.

Why?  Because not only was it a new tech that I wasn’t using, but it was a new tech that I emotionally couldn’t comprehend.  Even to this day, I “understand” it only on the most basic of levels.

A couple of years ago, I signed up for an account, largely to promote 18to88.com.  I even signed up as Demond Sanders because they wouldn’t let me use Deshawn Zombie.  Eventually, I switched to my real name, terrified of breaking some law about impersonating a celebrity (though at no time did I ever claim to be the real Demond Sanders-so please don’t kill me, Bob.  Please.).

A few months ago, I set up my Facebook account to link directly to every new post on 18to88.  I’ve seen good results from that as many of you come here directly from Facebook.

Over the last few months, I’ve added several new friends from high school.  I haven’t spoken to many of them in 15 years.  Now, suddenly, every Facebook post they read from me is about the Colts.

I would like to think I have a rich, full existence.  I do have a real job.  In fact, anyone who cares to follow that can feel free to also do so on Facebook.  I have a wife and kids.  I read weighty philosophical books and watch truly artistic films. I’m not just deep, I’m the freaking Marianas Trench of deep.

But no one on Facebook would ever know any of that.  No, to all my old friends and acquaintances I’m just a guy who lives to blog about football.  They’ll continue on thinking of me as a one trick pony, never knowing that I also love baseball, soccer, and auto racing as well.

Of course, I realize there is an easy solution to this conundrum.  I could just spend time on Facebook, updating everyone about my life and moods with pithy status updates.  I could even sync them with my Twitter account, so everyone would know how to stay on top of my goings on.  The ability to inform the world of the breadth of experience I have in my life is within my grasp.  If only I would choose to use it.

After all, nothing says “Hey, this guy leads a deep, rich life!” like pithy status updates.

All of this is just my way of saying: Did you know you can connect to 18to88 via Facebook and Twitter?

Good.  Just making sure.