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I’ve been up since 5:30 this morning and spent most of that cooking meat Argentine style (don’t ask). I’m tired. Because of that here’s a few links and very little comment.

Eyes in the Backfield is up. This is our weekly pregame breakdown. If you aren’t a regular Eyes reader, check it out and be astonished at our analytical prowess.

From Phil Wilson’s blog, click here to vote for Dwight Freeney for the cover of a video game.

CHFF takes on the ‘Big Four’ of the NFL. If you can’t guess who they are, I’ll give you a hint. Two of them play in the Dome this weekend.

Whitlock thinks that three great games with good stats for Brady are more important than 10 years of great stats by Manning. Whatever. Once again, this will be settled on the field.

Finally, Messi rules.

Demond Sanders: I’m glad Whitlock brought this up because I was thinking about this very debate in the shower this morning. First let me say Whitlock is wrong a lot. I like the guy. He’s funny, but he has a tendency to throw things out there and see what sticks. That’s his job as a columnist.

Look, at least two of Brady’s scoring throws to Moss (against the Jets and Bills) have been the classic Randy Moss jump ball. Brady said himself after the win over Buffalo that he just throws it as high as he can to Moss. That doesn’t take very much skill on Brady’s part. You know how I know? Because media-scorned Daunte Culpepper did it successfully on a regular basis. People need to remember that Randy Moss helped Daunte Culpepper throw 39 touchdowns in a season in 2004. How much will it really prove if Brady puts up 40+ tds with the assistance of Moss?

I think Whitlock has a more valid argument about Moss’s legacy than Brady’s. However, I still don’t think you can take three good games for Moss and vault him over Don Hutson and Marvin Harrison. That’s a joke, but again it’s Whitlock’s job to make preposterous claims and hope one or two of them come true.