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Eyes in the Backfield-Jaguars

18 Things to Watch for During Sunday’s Colts/Jaguars Game

I’m so tired of these clowns.

Last week, the Colts won a tough road game and their reward this week is another trip to Jacksonville.  It’s been a few years since Luke and I traveled down to the ‘Hole for a Monday Night game, and since then the Colts have made a habit out of beating the Jags in prime time.  Will they fare so well in the late afternoon?  This week be watching for:

1. Watch the master.  Peyton Manning is almost always great, and this year he’s playing the best ball of his life.  When Peyton goes to Jacksonville, however, you really have to watch out.  Ever since the 2006 beat down, Manning has taken it upon himself to dominate the Jags in Jacksonville.  Since 2007, Manning has 8 TDs, 2 picks and a rating of 120.5 in Jacksonville.  Not coincidentally, Indy has won all three games.

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