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Eyes in the Backfield-Patriots

18 Things to Watch During Sunday’s Patriots-Colts Game

It’s a historic duel and a Patriot is going down.

Last week, the banged up Colts rode their defense to a win over the Bengals.  Now, it’s finally here: the yearly show-down between the two most dominant teams in the NFL over the past 10 years.  It’s Colts/Pats week.  You and everyone else in the world will be watching.  Here’s what to keep an eye on:

1.  Watch the tipping point We pointed out that Pierre Garcon is having a rough season, but if there was ever a week where he would turn it around it would be this one.  The Patriots secondary is as bad as advertised, and despite wishful thinking from Pats fans, there aren’t many signs it’s turning around.  New England is horrible against #2 WRs (30th in the NFL), and Garcon should have room to run.  His time is now.  It’s been a brutal season, but watch for Garcon to post huge numbers and get things moving forward.  If he can’t do it this Sunday, it’s a terrible sign for his future.

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