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Eyes in the Backfield-Texans (Monday Night)

18 Things to Watch for in Monday’s Colts/Texans Game

One gunslinger.  Alone against all of Texas.

Two weeks ago, the Colts hung on for a much needed win over the Redskins.  Then they had a disastrous bye week filled with injuries and intrigue.  This week, they face a huge Monday night rematch with the Houston Texans.  The Texans drubbed the Colts in week one, and the Colts need a win to stay in the think of the hunt for another AFC South title.  This week, watch for:

1.  Watch the Sherriff. Look, I hate that nickname, but it’s Gruden time on Monday Night Football, so I’ll live with it for another week.  With Clark, Collie, and likely Addai all out and every receiver Indy has gimpy in some way or another.  It’s time to lean heavily on Peyton Manning.  That doesn’t mean he should throw 57 times, but it does mean he’ll have to make the big plays and calls.  If there is any consolation for Colts fans, it’s that in night games, Manning’s career passer rating is 100.1.  Oh, and since 2003, Indy is 23-6 in night games.  At home, Manning has lost twice at night since 2002 (and he only played in a couple of series of one of those games). So, um yeah.  He’s good in prime time (tip to Garrison for the stat).

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