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Eyes in the Backfield-Texans

18 Things to Watch in Sunday’s Colts/Texans Game

How scary could any team be that is quarterbacked by this?

Eyes in the Backfield is back for a record fourth season.  Each week, we’ll bring you 18 things to keep an eye on during the upcoming game.  This week, the Colts take on the Houston Texans who are vying to take the AFC South Crown away from the champs.  As you tune in, be sure to watch for:

1. Watch the starting LINEup. We have no idea what the Colts’ line is going to look like on Sunday.  If Saturday and CJ play, the line should look mostly familiar.  However, CJ has been gimpy all week, and while Saturday might be sandbagging, we can’t be sure what kind of shape he’ll be in.  Peyton could be running for his life.  He’s slow, too.  That doesn’t bode well for his life.

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