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Fight for the Throne

Who is the King of the NFL?

Peyton Rex or Rex Ryan?  This Sunday we’ll get an answer, and though we don’t have a lot of data to work with about Manning has played against the Jets defense, we can see how Manning has played against Ds run by Jets Head Coach Rex Ryan.  Ryan became the defensive coordinator for the Ravens in 2005.

2005 Week 1  Colts 24 Ravens 7

Manning was 21/36, 254, 2 TDs.  Colts scored 17 points and then took the air out of the ball.

2006  Playoffs Colts 15 Ravens 6

Manning was 15/30, 170, 2 INT.  Indy goes for five field goals in Baltimore. This is the game the Jets fans have to hope for.  Of course, the Ravens lost by 9 with a better O against a lesser defense, but it’s still their best hope.

2007  Colts 44 Ravens 20

Uh oh.  Manning goes 13/17 for 249 and 4 TDs.

2008  Colts 31 Ravens 3

Manning goes 19/28 271 and 3 TDs

2009  Jets 29 Colts 15

Before Manning gets pulled he posts 15 points (2 TDs, FG), and 14/21 for 192 yards.

That means that in five games against a defense run/designed by Rex Ryan.  Two of those defenses (2006, 2008) were better by DVOA than the 2009 Jets.  All of them were top 5 DVOA defenses.

Manning’s total stats against Rex Ryan: 82/132, 62.1%, 1136 yards, 8.6 YPA, 9 TDs, 2 INTs, 106.1 rating.

Rex Ryan is a marvelous defensive coordinator.  His blitz heavy philosophy will be frustrate most quarterbacks.

Peyton Manning is not most quarterbacks.  He’s the king.

By the way, I saw on a Jets blog this comment:

I am no fool, the Jets absolutely benefitted from the Colts pulling their starters in that game. What I would say, is that the Jets were down just five points when Caldwell removed Manning from the game. The Colts are a team that averaged 26 points per game on the season, so to hold them to just 15 points in more than two quarters, is an impressive showing by the Jets defense in my opionion.

Again, I feel bad for the Jets fans.  They may not be fools exactly, but they aren’t good at math.  The Colts starters played 2.5 quarters or 62.5% of a game.  If the Colts matched their same rate of production for the rest of the game, they would have scored 24 points.  Considering that the Jets’ blocked an XP on Adam “I haven’t kicked in two months” Vinatieri led to the Colts essentially losing 2 points (they missed the 2 pt conversion to make up for it)…I’d say the Jets were basically on pace to give up…

around 26 points.

Impressive indeed.